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Arachnophobia (Fear Of Spiders)

  • Arachnophobia (Fear Of Spiders)

    I was sitting at my desk trying to figure out what to write about when a very brave spider lowered itself from the ceiling and landed on my desk just inches from my keyboard. I quickly scooped it into a cup and deposited it outside wishing it luck. Now obviously I am not afraid of spiders, but it started me thinking about a customer who called yesterday. She had such a bad case of arachnophobia that she couldn’t even say the word ‘spider’ and could barely handle me mentioning spiders when I was talking to her about how we would treat the problem. I had to resort to saying ‘creepy crawlies’ and ‘icky things’ so I could get through the conversation with her. For any of you doubters out there who may think she was just being dramatic, you wouldn’t think that if you heard the very real fear in her voice and her sharp intake of breath any time the word ‘spider’ was said. And she is not the first customer I’ve had that suffers from arachnophobia. I have a customer that calls up screaming and crying if she even thinks there is a spider near her house. My ear was ringing for an entire day the first time she called and all I heard for a good minute was her blood curdling scream. I’ve had customers try to bribe me to get a technician out to them within 10 minutes. I’ve had customers call me while they were standing on tables or locked in a room with a towel pushed under the door. All because of something generally the size of a thumbnail.

    Arachnophobia (the abnormal fear of spiders) is one of the most common of all specific phobias, and it has been estimated that 50% of women and 10% of men may suffer from it. It may seem silly to some people, but to the person suffering from it, it is a very real fear. Arachnophobia may produce different reactions from different people. Some people may experience anxiety and panic at the mere thought of a spider. Others may refuse to enter a room or run away if they see or suspect a spider may be present. And still others may freeze in place unable to move until the spider is removed.

    The most common treatment for arachnophobia is aversion therapy. The person suffering from the phobia is educated about spiders, and then a spider is slowly introduced into the environment until the person is finally able to tolerate a spider next to them.

    But for those who do not want to go that route, you can always call us to get rid of your spider problem for you. We take the time to wipe down the spider webs and we treat under all accessible eaves. We also treat inside cracks and crevices as well as under your patio furniture where spiders (especially black and brown widows) like to hide. Don’t wait for a spider to drop down from the ceiling; call us today and even though you will still have the phobia, the spiders will be gone!

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