Treating Termite Infestation in New Construction

Treating termites before construction starts can help you defend against possible claims in the future as they frequently dwell where there is a high concentration of moisture and dampness. In old houses, these are frequent problems because they tend to live […]

5 Ways to Get Rid of Silverfish

Of all the insect infestations you can be cursed with, silverfish might just be the most skin-crawling — right after cockroaches, of course. Silverfish are mostly a (super-creepy) nuisance pest, but they can destroy books, wallpaper, and clothes with their excrement, according to […]

How to Kill Termites

Out of the umpteen insects, critters, rodents and other pests, termites seem to be the most dangerous ones. They are one such pest that can ruin your house’s foundation in just a few years. The worst part is that they […]

Getting Rid of Garden Pests

It probably won’t surprise most vegetable gardeners that insects outnumber humans many millions of times over. While some insects can be beneficial for certain plants, gardeners are all too familiar with the destruction of many tiny crawly critters. Fortunately, nature […]


Mosquitoes are annoying.  They also carry serious diseases, but for most of us, the issue is that they buzz, bite, and just are a nuisance.  We understand how the itching from the mosquito bite feels and how it annoying can it […]