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Virus Disinfection for the Workplace

  • Virus Disinfection for the Workplace

    Virus Disinfection for the Workplace

    People around the world work to find their new normal amid the corona virus pandemic. Business owners are looking for ways to get their employees back to work or to keep them safe as they continue to provide essential products and services.

    Preferred Pest Control’s Virus Disinfection Service is designed to keep your business functioning optimally while protecting both your customers and your employees. It is the virus protection service your business needs to maintain a safe, clean workplace.

    The Basics of Virus Disinfection

    At Preferred Pest Control, the commercial disinfection misting services promises to limit contamination of your workplace from corona virus and other infectious diseases. Disinfection promises that employees, customers, and other visitors at your business are entering a protected, disinfected business. This provides powerful protection from Covid-19 as well as various types of infectious mediums. The commercial disinfection misting services will not only help your company meet the challenges of the current pandemic, but also keep your workplace healthy though regularly scheduled service applications in the future. In order for businesses to get back to business, many will require disinfection and Preferred Pest Controls Disinfection Services can ensure your company is compliant.

    The Facts about Virus Disinfection by Preferred Pest Control

    Known as Preferred Clean, Preferred Pest Control’s Virus Disinfection Service, promises potent virus protection in the form of a broad-spectrum disinfection misting service. Technicians can quickly disinfect large areas in your business including hard to reach areas, while minimizing any downtime.

    Preferred Clean utilizes of Nisus DSV, shown effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungi, including SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. It is safe for all surfaces, and kills infectious pathogens in seconds. Nisus DSV had been used safely and successfully by nations around the world for disease control as mentioned in the bio security guides of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization.

    The broad-spectrum disinfection mist is dispersed, slowly settling on your business surfaces and equipment. Surfaces will be moist, which means the workplace will need to be vacated for one hour following application to allow the disinfectant to dry. The disinfection application is recommended for a variety of businesses, including schools, universities, manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing facilities, healthcare facilities, hospitality industries – restaurants, recreation, and hotels, as well as property management companies and more.

    Whether you would like to schedule a one-time application or would prefer the recommended regularly scheduled applications, please call on the experts at Preferred Pest Control – where our team is always prepared to keep your business safe for you, your employees and your customers.

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