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Pest Profile: Termites in Your Home

  • Pest Profile: Termites in Your Home

    Pest Profile: Termites in Your Home

    Termites are among the most dreaded household pests, and for good reason. Do you know how to identify a termite infestation? Or what to do if you suspect one?

    Here’s what you need to know about termites as a homeowner:

    How Termites Put Your Home at Risk

    Termites feed on cellulose, a component of plant fibers. They love to chow down on wooden beams, furniture, wallpaper, cardboard boxes… really, just about any plant-based matter that they can find.

    That’s obviously bad news for your favorite wooden armoire, but the threat posed by termites goes beyond bite marks. Given enough time, these pests can damage your home’s structure to the point where it’s unsafe for you to live there. That’s why being able to identify an infestation is so critical.


    Identifying Termite Damage

    Termites are a particularly dangerous pest because they can be tough to detect, especially in the early stages of infestation. Spring, when established colonies start “swarming” and spreading out to new locations, is often the only time they’ll come out into the open.

    Chewed-up wood and wallpaper is a pretty clear sign of an active termite infestation. More subtle indicators can include:

    • Small, transparent wings — colonies are formed by flying termites (sometimes called “swarmers”), once they’ve found a suitable mate and location. These termites typically lose their wings once they’ve mated. Discarded termite wings can be an early warning sign of infestation.
    • Soft, tapping sounds — as termites travel through your home’s structure, they’ll often bang their bodies against the wood as a means of communicating with other termites. This may be loud enough for you to hear, especially in a more advanced infestation.
    • Wood-colored pellets — termite droppings (also called “frass”) are tiny, but still large enough to see with the naked eye. They’re often found near the entrances of termite tunnels, and resemble little wooden pellets or sawdust.

    If you find possible termite wings or droppings, you can always bring them to a pest control specialist for identification. Don’t delay!


    Dealing with a Termite Infestation

    There are steps you can take to make your home less inviting to termites in the future (such as storing outdoor wood/compost piles, which attract all sorts of insects, far away from the house itself). But if you suspect you’re already dealing with a termite infestation, it’s time to call in the experts.

    To reliably eliminate an entire colony, professional-grade methods (like fumigation or heat treatment) are needed. What’s more, termite specialists understand the threat that these pests pose to your home’s structure. They’ll be able to give you a full assessment of the situation, and help you determine whether further repairs are required..

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