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Pests of All Seasons

  • Pests of All Seasons

    Pests of All Seasons

    Though some pests die off in winter, many thrive all year long in Southern California’s warm climate. Even those that don’t make it through the winter, lay their eggs in anticipation of the coming of spring. Since so many pests live successfully year round in Southern California, here is a compilation of the pests of all seasons and which ones are the most problematic in spring, summer, fall, and winter.


    Pests All Year Long

    Ants reside in and around your property year round, though in spring there are often seen in your home. During the winter, ants lay eggs in their nests in large quantities, making winter the perfect time to stop ants before they become problematic in springtime.

    Cockroaches are drawn to water and spoiled, rotten food, so they too thrive in the spring due to the wet conditions and in fall when natural decay is the norm. In your home, the take up residence in dark, damp areas in the kitchen or bathroom. Cockroaches are hearty and often resistant to store bought poisons, so they usually require professional extermination.

    Springtime Pests in Orange County

    Earwigs are harmless, but no one wants to find them creeping around their home, inside or out. Like ants, their eggs hatch in spring. And like cockroaches, they love dark, damp areas. Keep earwigs at bay in your home keeping bathrooms well-ventilated and dry. If you find them, transfer them to your garden where they will help you control the aphid population.

    Summertime Pests in Orange County

    Wasp queens hibernate in the winter and beginning building new colonies in the spring. As spring turns into summer, the colony takes over the building process and homeowners begin to notice wasps nests around their homes. Destroying or relocating colonies will reduce the number of new queens and nests around your home in spring and summer.

    Termites are hard to find as they build their nests inside trees, in mounds, and underground. Piles of sawdust and shed wings around your home are a sign of termite infestation.

    Fall Pests in Orange County

    Rodents like to move indoors in fall, seeking shelter, and building nests. As nocturnal creatures, rodents are generally hidden from view, though if you have an infestation, you may hear them scurrying about  in the walls or see droppings in the morning. Because rodents reproduce rapidly and spread disease, you’ll want to rid your home of these pests quickly.

    Winter Pests in Orange County

    Fleas, ticks, spiders, and crickets are most abundant in summer, but love to make their home inside yours in winter. They’ll truly become a problem if they begin reproducing indoors. Flea treatments for your furry friends will keep fleas out of your home. Crickets and spiders can be relocated outside, while ticks, which can survive without for a year, should be exterminated immediately.

    When any of these pests become a problem, the team at Preferred Pest Control is ready to help you keep your home and family safe.

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