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How to Store Holiday Decorations—and Keep Pests Out!

  • How to Store Holiday Decorations—and Keep Pests Out!

    How to Store Holiday Decorations—and Keep Pests Out!

    Who doesn’t love the festivity of the holiday season? Each year, we gather with friends and family to celebrate another year with one another, pay respect to our beliefs, and (of course) open some gifts!

    However, all good things must come to an end. Sooner or later, it becomes time to take down those bright lights and dismantle that ornately decorated tree. Now, since holiday decorations spend most of the year in storage, it’s important to know how to put them away properly—that means keeping household pests away!

    Here are a few tips on keeping your holiday decorations pest-free for the coming year.

    Clean out your storage bins

    First things first—you’ve probably had your holiday decorations on display for the last month, if not longer. Your storage containers have been sitting around in a dark closet or attic the entire time with the lids wide-open, and there’s no telling what critters may have taken shelter inside. Before piling the ornaments and tinsel back in, make sure you inspect each empty bin (for nesting material, spider webs, etc.) and give them a quick wipe-down.


    Find a clean, open storage space

    We don’t always make an effort to keep our storage spaces neat and organized, and we might only make an attempt to de-clutter once per year. Preferably, during spring cleaning. If at all possible, it’s best to keep your boxes of decorations in a relatively clean and open area within your closet/attic/basement/etc. Remember that household pests are drawn to enclosed spaces that can keep them warm and well-hidden. Clutter gives them a lot of tempting spots to build nests, not to mention some extra building materials. There’s no reason to make your home any more appealing to bugs and rodents!


    Seal organics in separate bags

    Inorganic items, like plastics, metals, glass ornaments and strings of lights can be stored pretty much indefinitely. But keeping organic materials (a favorite Christmas wreath, for instance) safe through an entire year in storage is a tougher task. If there are any such decorations that you can’t bear to part with, invest in a moisture-proof, tightly-sealing bag for storage purposes. Not only will this keep wreaths and similar items cleaner, it’ll prevent bugs and rodents from being drawn to their smell (and from shredding them). As for highly edible decorations—like gingerbread houses and popcorn strings—we’d recommend not trying to preserve them at all.


    Don’t overpack!

    If you’ve accumulated a lot of favorite decorations over the years, you’ve got a big job ahead of you in putting everything away. As tempting as it may be to dump it all into bins as quickly as possible, you do want to ensure that your storage containers aren’t spilling over. Packing too many items can keep the container from sealing shut properly. Household pests (especially bugs) only need the tiniest opening to get inside.

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