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Are There Squirrels in my Home? 5 Signs of an Infestation

  • Are There Squirrels in my Home? 5 Signs of an Infestation

    Are There Squirrels in my Home? 5 Signs of an Infestation

    Unlike some rodents, tree squirrels generally don’t hibernate in the winter. Instead, they’re likely to seek out warm areas to take shelter from the elements. Our houses, with their enclosed spaces, central heating, and potentially abundant food supplies, are a perfect target.

    Here are a few warning signs that may indicate squirrels have moved into your home:

    Physical Damage

    If you find holes in the outer walls of your house, or shingles missing from the roof, it could be a sign that squirrels (or another pest) have moved into your home. Whether or not the squirrels are responsible for causing the damage, any openings should be dealt with immediately to prevent further access. Squirrels may also tear up the insulation in your attic and between the walls, so keep an eye out for this as well—more on that below.

    Strange Sounds

    Squirrels are fairly large rodents, and can make a considerable amount of sound roaming around your attic and between walls. Listen for scratching and scampering noises, especially during waking hours. Squirrels are diurnal, which means that they are most active during the day and tend to sleep through the night.

    Foul Smells

    Starting to notice a strong ammonia odor wafting through home? It could be squirrel urine, a sure sign of infestation. Squirrels have a high metabolism, and therefore eat a lot—and produce a lot of waste. There’s also the unpleasant possibility that squirrels will die within your attic or walls, and their decaying bodies will emit foul odors as well as being a health risk.


    Squirrel droppings are another unmistakable sign that you have unwanted guests in the home. These small, barrel-shaped pellets are usually black or reddish-brown in color, and about ¼-½ inch long. They may be found anywhere in the home that squirrels can access. Because squirrel droppings are breeding grounds for bacteria (including the ones that cause salmonellosis and leptospirosis), it’s best to call in a pest control specialist to clean up any messes you find.

    Nesting Materials

    Like other rodents, squirrels are looking for safe locations to make a nest. They’ll normally use whatever materials they can find outside—like leaves, twigs, and even animal hair. But if squirrels have entered your attic or walls, they may also use your home’s insulation to build their habitats. Even if you can’t find the nest itself, look for signs of destroyed or ruffled insulation, as well as scraps of organic materials that may have been brought in from outdoors.

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