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3 Simple Tips to Ensure a Pest-Free Thanksgiving

  • 3 Simple Tips to Ensure a Pest-Free Thanksgiving

    3 Simple Tips to Ensure a Pest-Free Thanksgiving

    Another Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and we here at Preferred Pest Control would like to wish a happy holiday weekend to you and your loved ones.

    With November comes colder weather, and that often drives outdoor pests—like ants, roaches, and mice—into your home to seek warmth and food. And when you’ve got a household of people feasting and warming up by the fire… well, it’s not hard to imagine why we see an uptick in infestations every winter!

    Here are a few easy tips you can follow to keep unwanted pests away this season:

    Identify Possible Points of Entry

    Most household pests have a fantastic sense of smell, and they’re sure to pick up on all the scents of Thanksgiving cooking coming out of your house. This is a great time of year to inspect your home for cracks in the walls, gaps under doors and windows, and damage to shingles on the roof. You’d be surprised at how much roaches and rodents can compress their bodies to fit into the tiniest openings.

    If you find any possible entry points, deal with them as quickly as possible. Caulk works wonders to seal up cracks and tiny holes, while new weather stripping can help close any gaps between doors and the wall. And since temperatures are starting to drop, dealing with these problems has the added benefit of keeping your heating bills under control.

    Maintain a Clean House

    If only it were that easy, right? You’re probably in serious cleaning mode already, making sure your home is presentable to guests. We’ll point out a few areas that need specific attention to ensure your house or apartment stays bug- and rodent-free.

    Mopping your floors and wiping down counter tops on a regular basis is always important, especially in areas where food is prepared or served. Frequent vacuuming is key as well, ensuring that you pick up any crumbs or other organic materials hidden in the carpet that could be attracting pests. Any spills or dropped food require immediate action.

    Most household pests are quite small, and as such they don’t require much food to survive. It also means that they’re great at getting into tiny spaces, like underneath the fridge or cabinets. Be sure to tackle those often-neglected areas as the weather cools down.

    Take Out the Garbage (and Recycling)

    Cooking for a whole party of people usually means you’ll be generating more garbage, recycling, and compost than usual. One man’s trash is another critter’s feast, and few things smell better to an ant or mouse than a bin full of food waste. You’ll definitely want to empty those garbage cans on a regular basis to avoid attracting unwanted guests (though we can’t help you when it comes to Aunt Patty).

    It’s not enough to fill up your outdoor bins and then leave them in the garage or next to the house—make sure you bring them all the way to the curbside! This is to avoid luring pests too close to your home, as it’s all too easy for them to move indoors at that point. Secure your bins with a tightly-fitted lid to limit the odor and prevent access.

    At Preferred Pest Control, we’re most thankful for all of our customers! We’re proud to serve you as the premier eco-friendly pest control specialists in Orange County. Give us a call at (714) 486-2637 and let us know how we can help make your holiday a pleasant one.


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