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Are Bees a Problem at Your Southern California Home?

  • Are Bees a Problem at Your Southern California Home?

    Are Bees a Problem at Your Southern California Home?

    What to Do when Bees Invade Your OC Home

    If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ve heard about the plight of the honey bees and the resulting damage their demise could cause for everyone here on planet earth. As you know, honey bees, in most cases, live among humans peacefully, providing us with delicious honey.

    Where do Bees Live and What Seasons are They Active?

    There are times, though, when bees can become a problem for residents in Orange County and, in turn, homeowners must act. Most often, this occurs in late spring or early summer. While beekeepers work hard to keep excess queens from escaping the hive by having them removed, there are times when a queen escapes, taking worker bees with her and building a new colony elsewhere. This can occur in your garden, your chimney, your eaves, or even inside your home. When bees take up residence in or around your home they aren’t only a nuisance, but can be a hazard to you, your family, and your neighbors.

    How to Find a Solution for Bees

    When bees swarm in your garden or settle on a fence, bush, or tree, professionals – a local bee-keeper or an experienced pest control team like the one at Preferred Pest Control, can, in most cases, safely move them to a new location without destroying them.

    If the bees have established a hive in your chimney, eaves, or elsewhere in your home, the hive can be removed safely preventing damage to your home while protecting the hive through relocation. After removal, the Preferred Pest Control Team is trained to seal seams to prevent the return of bees, and, because they are also licensed general contractors, repair any damage caused by your bee infestation.

    When bees are a problem in your Orange County home, call on the team at Preferred Pest Control, where our goal is to protect the endangered bee population as well as keep your family and your home safe.

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