Spring Cleaning: Are Your Prepared for Warm Weather Pests in OC? - Orange County Pest Control

Spring Cleaning: Are Your Prepared for Warm Weather Pests in OC?

  • Spring Cleaning: Are Your Prepared for Warm Weather Pests in OC?

    Spring Cleaning: Are Your Prepared for Warm Weather Pests in OC?

    How to Prepare for Pests in Orange County

    Winter is finally in the rear-view mirror, and the time for tidying up is upon us. But it’s also the time when household pests start to become more active, seeking out steady food sources and a place to reproduce.

    While you’re tackling that spring cleaning “to-do” list, take some time to keep the pests at bay this year:

    Inspect for Possible Entry Points

    A warm home, protected from the elements and outdoor predators, is appealing to just about any small critter. And while you can take steps to reduce that appeal, eliminating entry points into your house or apartment is just as important.

    This is easier said than done, of course, since most household pests are tiny and able to squeeze through the smallest of openings – but every little bit you can do will help.

    Keep an eye out for damage to walls, doors, windows, foundations – anywhere that a pest might find entry – and be prepared to fix them up ASAP. Most homeowners will benefit from a detailed home inspection at least once per year, and spring is an opportune time for it.

    Empty the Garbage/Compost Regularly

    Insects, and especially rodents, are excellent at detecting the smell of food. And for most of these common pests, there’s no difference between “food” and “garbage”.

    Keeping a lid on your garbage and compost bins is an effective deterrent, and will get rid of a rich source of food that could sustain entire colonies. But even secured containers give off an odor that will attract pests to your home. Be sure to empty household waste into your curbside trash bins on a regular basis, and to fit those bins with a tight lid.

    Scrub Kitchen Floors & Counters

    Keeping a clean home isn’t easy, especially with kids and/or pets around. But it’s well worth the effort when the alternative is living with uninvited guests crawling around on too many legs.

    Kitchens are typically where we keep, prepare, and eat most of the food that comes into our homes. That makes them a potential magnet for ants, roaches, mice, and other common household pests.

    Having a dirty kitchen is like rolling out the red carpet for these unwelcome critters. Keep them at bay by scrubbing down the floors and countertops on a regular basis, including hard-to-reach areas (like under the microwave/toaster). Fix leaky pipes and other potential sources of fresh water, and clean out your drains from time to time. Dry foods should be stored in secure, pest-proof containers.

    Vacuum Regularly

    Noticing a theme? The best way to make your home less inviting to pests is to eliminate potential food sources. Springtime is when most critters start trying to reproduce, and they need abundant nutrition to make it happen.

    Vacuuming removes those hard-to-see crumbs and other bits of organic matter from your rugs, carpets, and other non-scrubbable surfaces. This is particularly important in areas where people or pets have been snacking. It doesn’t take much food to sustain tiny insects, so every little bit you can remove will help.

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