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Winter Pest Control in Orange County

  • Winter Pest Control in Orange County

    Winter Pest Control in Orange County

    What the days get short and the temperature drops, there’s no better way to get warm and cozy than to spend plenty of time indoors. Unfortunately, we humans aren’t alone in thinking that way. Bugs and rodents see your home as the perfect place to take shelter from the elements.

    As Orange County’s pest control professionals, we tend to see a rise in infestations during the winter months. Here are a few of the common pests you’ll encounter in Southern California around this time of year – and some tips to keep them out of your home.


    In cold regions, most ants go into a dormant, hibernation-like state during the dead of winter. But here in Orange County, the weather usually stays warm enough that they remain active and moving – yet chilly enough that they may move indoors for protection from the elements.

    Like most insects, ants have fairly simple motivations: they’re drawn to easy sources of food and water. Keeping your home clean of organic waste, and sealing up points of entry, are both key to discouraging ants from moving in. But mopping up spills and vacuuming crumbs will only do so much once they’ve settled in. To eliminate an established colony, it’s best to call in a pest control specialist.

    Mice and Rats

    Unlike some insect species, rodents don’t simply die off or hibernate underground when it gets chilly outdoors. Potentially harsh temperatures and a lower supply of available grains/fruits/seeds force these furry critters to seek refuge in warm homes and garages.

    Rodents are remarkably good at sniffing out food and garbage (which, in most cases, are one and the same to them). This is primarily what draws them to your property. Remove food sources – by vacuuming frequently and emptying garbage/compost bins on a regular basis – and be sure to seal up any cracks or other possible points of entry. You’ll make your home much less inviting to unwanted furry pests.

    Widow Spiders

    Southern California is home to both brown widow spiders and their more infamous cousins, the black widows. Much like ants, widow spiders may spend the winter dormant in colder regions but generally stay active throughout these months in our area.

    Widow spiders in your home are often symptomatic of a bigger problem: if you have a lot of spiders indoors, it’s probably because you have a lot of insects around for them to eat. Getting rid of these spiders for good requires attentive sweeping, clearing out their webs and egg sacs, and removal of this food source.

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