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How to Prevent Wasps from Invading Your Home

  • How to Prevent Wasps from Invading Your Home

    How to Prevent Wasps from Invading Your Home

    Wasps in Orange County

    In October and November, Orange County homeowners, businesses, and residents can expect to see scavenging Yellow Jacket Wasps hovering over trash cans and invading picnic gatherings and other outdoor festivities. A simple swat may send flies running. A wasp however, especially Yellow Jackets (a common wasp species in California), is another animal—or insect.

    According to University of California, Riverside, Yellow Jackets account for more injuries and deadly attacks than killer bees. What can OC homeowners and residents do to protect themselves from potential stings, much less stop these predators from nesting in and around their homes? Read on to find out!

    Have an Orange County Wasp Emergency?

    A wasp infestation is no small issue to homeowners in Orange County. If residents suspect wasps are indoors, contact Preferred Pest Control OC, #1 pest exterminators in Orange County today: (714)-486-2637!

    How OC Homeowners and Residents Can Fight Off OC Wasps and Rescue Their Homes

    #1. Keep an Eye Out for Cracks and Gaps

    Undetected cracks, holes, and gaps in homes are open invitations for wasps—and other pests—to come in and cause chaos. Luckily, a thorough home inspection and a handy sealant for unassuming gaps can keep these unwanted guests out.

    #2. Hang up a Fake Wasp Nest

    Wasps are notoriously territorial. They may think twice about nesting near another colony. Hanging up a fake wasp nest may be the trick to keep these pests at bay.

    #3. Peppermint: A DIY Extermination Alternative

    Research reveals wasps hate peppermint oil. As Huffington Post states, homeowners and residents can plant a peppermint plant in their garden and/or spray a mixture of water, dish soap, and peppermint oil on wasp-friendly areas like eaves ledges, crevices, and porch roofs.

    Wasps Aren’t All Bad

    Without wasps, caterpillars and other annoying pests would probably be more rampant. And Jewel Wasp venom may be the key to new information about Parkinson’s disease.

    We assume Orange County residents, homeowners, and businesses probably would like to appreciate these positives from afar. If you suspect a wasp infestation, we’re happy to help! We offer wasp control, termite control, bed bug control, bee service, pest control, and more to Orange County, Los Angeles County, and surrounding locations:

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    -And more…

    To stay on top of wasps and other pest control issues, we encourage you to schedule bimonthly and quarterly pest control services, which we design around your specific needs. Contact Preferred Pest Control OC today at 714-486-2637.

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