Why There's an Outbreak of Fleas in Orange County

Please, No Fleas! Why There’s an Outbreak in Orange County

  • Please, No Fleas! Why There’s an Outbreak in Orange County

    Please, No Fleas! Why There’s an Outbreak in Orange County

    Orange County Flea Outbreak

    Seriously, you’re telling me these fleas won’t go away? Your poor pup may be looking at you like you’re crazy. Unfortunately, the slightly cooler weather in Orange County doesn’t necessarily mean fleas are going away. In fact, according to the CDC, illnesses from fleas as well as mosquitos and ticks have more than tripled between 2004 and 2016. And, unfortunately, LA County residents are seeing the results. The City of Angels and surrounding areas within the county have fallen victim to a recent Typhus outbreak instigated by fleas nestled in hosts none other than the opossum. This is unusual considering fleas typically are known to live on (and off of) rodents, birds, and homeowners’ favorite furry and feline friends: dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits.

    What’s with All the Southern California Fleas

    What’s with the recent outbreak and why is Southern California such a prime target for these blood-sucking parasites? One word: weather. Fleas, much like other insects such as roaches, ants, and mosquitos, love warm temperatures. Higher temperature means the perfect condition for fleas to lay eggs, causing larvae to hatch and adult fleas to start the life cycle all over again.

    With California temps only dropping a couple of degrees, freezing temperatures in winter are close to non-existent. So virtually it’s never cold enough to stagnate thriving flea populations. In addition, booming street animal population, climate change, and an increase in overseas travel may be why Californian residents are seeing more of these acrobatic insects jumping around.

    First, the Bad News

    If left unchecked, flea infestations in Orange County can cause major discomfort for pets and residents. Animals host to these vampire-like insects suffer from flea bites, itchiness, and the possibility of contracting and spreading illnesses. People also are at the mercy of fleas, suffering from illnesses and annoying flea bites, which normally come in threes, and can cause allergic reactions.    

    Now Here’s the Good News

    Orange and Los Angeles County residents don’t have to endure fleas any longer. Using tried-and-true preventative methods like regularly vacuuming carpets (and throwing out vacuum bags if fleas are present), cleaning bedding and mattresses, and washing pets’ living areas can keep flea eggs, larvae, and adult fleas at bay. Also, proactively applying flea products on pets and spraying bug repellant (which also kills fleas) for outdoor lovers before venturing outside are advised. For those dealing with an overwhelming Orange County flea infestation, now’s the time to contact professional exterminators, who can do the job for you.

    Let the Pest Pros Do the Job for You

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