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How to Avoid the Inevitable Gnats & Flies in Orange County

  • How to Avoid the Inevitable Gnats & Flies in Orange County

    How to Avoid the Inevitable Gnats & Flies in Orange County

    With one of the worst droughts in Orange County thankfully behind us, west coast residents and homeowners are now faced with a new annoyance – pesky fungus gnats and crane flies looming in and around their homes. Both are a nuisance but it’s fungus gnat larvae that cause real damage to plant roots. But that’s not all that Southern California homeowners need to be aware of.

    In recent years, a study confirmed California is the permanent new home to roughly 9 types of crop-destroying fruit flies. The Mediterranean fruit fly, a well-known annoyance to Orange County residents, is one of them. But residents don’t have to endure the persistent buzzing. What proactive steps can Orange County residents and homeowners take to get rid of these irritating pests? Read more to find out!

    When it comes to banishing Orange County gnat and fly infestations once and for all, contact Preferred Pest Control, the number one exterminator in Orange County.

    What’s with Orange County Fly and Gnat Infestations?

    One reason homeowners may spot gnats and flies swarming around their homes comes down to — yep, you guessed it — weather. The drought long gone means more moisture, the type of condition fungus gnats and crane flies cannot get enough of. (Fungus gnats, especially, are attracted to damp soil.)

    What’s the Downside with Flies and Gnats in California?

    As mentioned, generally flies and gnats are more annoyance than anything else — especially crane flies, which get a bad rap due to their mosquito-like appearance (they are even nicknamed mosquito hawks).

    Fruit flies are another story. As their name suggests, these pests do more harm than good, feeding on fruit, which could make a dent in California agriculture and affect costs in years to come. (In case you don’t know, the agriculture powerhouse normally has the highest agricultural output; in 2016 California ranches and farms were responsible for $46 billion in agricultural exports.)

    Notice Flies and Gnats in Orange County? Use These Tips

    Get rid of crane fly larvae by spraying insecticide on the lawn. For a non-chemical alternative, invest in a bird bath or bird feeder to attract birds, a well-known predator of crane flies.  As for fungus gnats and fruit flies, pour unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a cup. Saran wrap the top and secure with a rubber band. Then, poke a small hole in the saran wrap. The apple cider vinegar lures the flies in and the overall contraptions acts as a ready-made trap.

    Let the Professionals Do the Hard Work for You

    Flies and gnats out of control? Contact Preferred Pest Control for quick-and-easy inspection and extermination. And, be sure to check out our blog for the latest info on local pests!   

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