Flea season Starts in Late Spring, Are You Prepared?

As if winter flea season wasn’t enough, these jumpy creatures are back for late spring. Left unchecked, fleas can cause annoying bites, and transmit bacteria and tapeworms (gross!) to people and furry friends. However, the risk of flea-infected tapeworms for humans is quite low.

Along with their neighbor, the tick, fleas are the (not-so-obvious) bloodsucking vampires of the insect kingdom. As Bohart Museum of Entomology mentions, bites usually come in a three-course meal for triple the itching — lovely. So, how do you banish these high-flying jumpers once and for all? Read on to find out!

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#1. How Do You Get Rid of Orange County Fleas from Your Home? Clean, Clean, Clean

Vacuum the carpets (and clean out the vacuum bag!). Treat any bedding pets or people have come into contact with. The same goes for other cozy places fleas call home such as upholstery, baseboards, sheets, and blankets.

As leading pest control exterminators in Orange County, Preferred Pest Control advises homeowners to clean regularly to minimize the possibility of a flea infestation.

#2. Use Boric Acid or Diatomaceous Earth to Clean Carpets

Pesticides designed for flea infestations tend to have chemicals dangerous to pets and young children. Homeowners who are uncomfortable with chemical carpet cleaners can use food-grade diatomaceous earth or boric acid as flea-exterminating alternatives.

Simply sprinkle either the diatomaceous earth or boric acid on the carpet. If homeowners choose boric acid, leave it on for a good three days for extra potency.

(Please know that while boric acid is non-toxic for pets and humans, it can be physically irritating.) After time is up, vacuum and dispose of the vacuum’s contents and bag in the trash.

#3. If an Infestation Becomes Too Much to Handle

Regular cleanings may not be enough to keep fleas away from homeowner’s pets and family members. What do you do next? Leave it to Preferred Pest Control, the leading exterminating expert in Orange County. Using tried-and-tried methods with the newest technology and expert staff members, we ensure fleas will not be a problem once we’re finished. 

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