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American Roaches Love Moist, Warm Weather

  • American Roaches Love Moist, Warm Weather

    American Roaches Love Moist, Warm Weather

    3 Ways to Keep Roaches Away During Summer

    Out of the roughly 4,500 cockroach species, just 30 are household pests. Guess which group American roaches fall into? Yep, pests it is. And, they aren’t just any pesky critter; along with German, Australian, and Oriental roaches, American roaches are the top four most pesky cockroaches. While roaches in general are a nuisance, its the American roaches’ large size and agility that puts them on the top of the list.

    Like many pests, cockroaches love heat, and American roaches are no exception. With summer just around the corner, high temperatures call for American roach patrol. Be on the lookout for these large but agile critters, known to scuttle on countertops and crawl around floors (ew!). Luckily, you don’t have to live (in misery) with one of America’s most invasive pests. While these critters may withstand a nuclear attack, a little Boric acid and some Sunday cleaning is all you need to send them running. Here are 3 easy ways to get rid of American roaches and reclaim your house. And if you’d rather spend your off day relaxing, you can always contact Preferred Pest Control of Orange County, and we’ll provide a free quote for you!

    #1. When in Doubt, Clean

    What do most household pests like? Warm, moist, dark areas. Crumbs and half-eaten food? Even better. A house that checks off all of the above is not only going to attract one American roach, but tons of them. If there’s one thing Preferred Pest Control can stress, it’s clean, clean, clean.

    Vacuum the carpet and floors. Throw out food wrappings and beverage cans. Sweep the crumbs and grime. Then, take proactive steps—like washing dishes after dinner and taking out the trash weekly—to keep your house clean. While you don’t have to go overboard, not cleaning often only invites these critters to stay longer.

    #2. Boric Acid Is Your Best Friend

    Boric acid is a cheap household pesticide, known for killing roaches and other pests. Sprinkle it around your house, nooks and crannies included. You can add a little syrup to boric acid, as Den Garden mentions, to reel in the roaches even more. Just be sure that pets and small children stay away from the boric acid mix, as it can be dangerous.

    #3. When You Have an Infestation…

    Boric acid and consistent cleaning may be all people need to get rid of a couple American roaches. But what about an infestation? This is where Preferred Pest Control, #1 Pest Specialists in Orange County, come in. Using the newest technology combined with tried-and-true methods, that American roach infestation won’t be a problem.

    Interested in other ways to get rid of house hold pests? Be sure to check out our blog!

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