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Drywood Termites Start of Drywood

  • Drywood Termites Start of Drywood

    Drywood Termites Start of Drywood

    Information about Drywood Termites

    There are several different types of termites. One of the less common is known as the drywood termite, which is most prevalent in Orange County and other coastal cities in the US. Unfortunately for many homeowners, drywood termite infestation and damage can wreak havoc on wooden furniture and exposed wood in the home.

    Where Drywood Termites Live (and How they Survive)

    Drywood termites thrive in humid climates, which make beach cities a prime target. So how did they get their name “drywood?” These pests can survive on just the humidity in the air, so unlike other creepy critters, they don’t live underground in the soil. Instead, they lay eggs and build their nests in wood above the ground. And, just like their name suggests, drywood termites feast off of any type of wood that’s been dried out.

    How Do I Know if I Have Termites in My Home?

    Termite infestation can be identified when you notice wooden furniture suffer from tunnels. As drywood termites typically devour wood from inside out, you may not notice the tunnels at first, but sure enough if you were to break a piece of wood that’s been infested, you will notice the tunnel-like markings of termite infestation.

    Other signs include:

    • Protruding of wood surfaces
    • Termite pellets (typically the color of the wood they’re eating and smaller than grains of rice)
    • Termite eggs
    • Clicking or rattling noise (coming from traveling through tunnels, looking for food)

    How to Take Action

    Unfortunately for homeowners in Orange County and beach cities in Southern California, termites have been known to cause a substantial amount of damage to homes that go undetected. Most of the time, insurance companies don’t cover costly repairs and the homeowner ends up paying out of pocket. So, if you notice any signs of termite damage, it’s best to have a pest management company provide a price quote and act fast! You’ll need a trained technician to arrive on site and treat the area(s) quickly. One of our licensed inspectors will perform a full inspection. Call Preferred Pest Control OC to get a free quote now.


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