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Be Prepared for Spring

  • Be Prepared for Spring

    Be Prepared for Spring

    How to Prepare for Pests this Spring

    The “New Year” is upon us! Whether you’re out shopping for health foods, joining a gym, or organizing your time – whatever your resolution is, we hope you’re sticking to it! But can you believe that spring is just a season away? As it steadily approaches, it’s best to be proactive and get prepared now versus when the pests are already at your door.

    In this article, you’ll learn about one of the most common pests in Southern California regions, plus, what you can do to prevent this pest (and others) from coming and staying in your home when springtime hits.

    Meet the Earwig

    Resembling cockroaches but overall considered harmless, earwigs are common year-round pests for those living in Southern California. Attracted to damp places and water, you’ll see them in the garden eating aphids and mites.

    Since spring is where everything is in bloom, you can be sure to spot even more than the usual number of earwigs in your garden or the occasional one in the corner of your house.
    As the LA Times states, you can also spot them close to foundations, sinks, lawn furniture, and compost piles, to name a few. Again, anywhere that has moisture.

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    How to Prevent an Earwig Infestation

    The LA Times goes on to state that you can set traps around high-level moisture areas, not to mention remove “high-moisture shelters” they are likely to be attracted to. You can also encourage earwig enemies, such as the preying mantis, with angelica, cosmos, and marigold among others. (These types of plants will attract ladybugs, which are pests’ enemies too.)
    On top of this, consistently do common pest prevention measures. Keep your house clean and throw away all rotting food. Make sure everything is picked up and, while you should air out your house daily, make sure you do eventually close doors and windows. Besides getting rid of moisture outside the house, try to reduce moisture levels in it, which will help prevent earwigs and other insects from coming inside.

    Preferred Pest Control Is Here to Help

    By being proactive and starting early you can rest assured knowing that come springtime pests won’t be knocking on your front door.

    On the occasion that they do, call Preferred Pest Control, the #1 Pest Control Specialists in Orange County. Be sure to contact us for a free quote.

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