Arizona’s Bed Bug Breakout that Has Everyone Talking

Bad news for cinema fans in Glendale, AZ – bed bugs were recently spotted in an AMC theatre. Dark, warm spaces with plenty of foot traffic make an ideal place for bed bugs to call home, so it’s not terribly surprising that a theatre could get infested – as disgusting as it may be! We’re all about dramas, as long as its a movie genre

At Preferred Pest Control, bed bugs are something we handle pretty often. We’ve put together a quick guide on these little critters, and what you can do if you find some in your home.

What Are Bed Bugs, Exactly?

You’ve probably been hearing about bed bugs throughout your life, but – with any luck – you’ve never had to deal with them in person.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood, biting into human skin (usually while we sleep). They are also notorious “hitchhikers”, and may spread between buildings by hitching a ride on clothing, in suitcases, on backpacks, in purses/handbags, etc. They can even travel between units in a single apartment building by crawling through electrical outlets or plumbing.

Bed bugs are tiny, but they’re still big enough to be seen without a microscope. They’re typically a reddish-brown color, with a flat oval-shaped body. Newly- hatched bugs, or “nymphs”, are paler and so small that they’re fairly difficult to spot with the naked eye.

Bed bugs tend to congregate in warm spaces with plenty of carbon dioxide, which means they’re attracted to our bodies and our breath. Since they’re primarily nocturnal and prefer to feed during the night, mattresses are one of their most opportune places to live – hence the name.

How Do You Get Rid of Beg Bugs?

Eliminating a bed bug infestation is no simple task, and unfortunately it’s almost impossible to manage with a “do-it- yourself” treatment.

Amazingly, bed bugs can survive weeks at a time without feeding, and may live to be nearly a year old. This means there’s no real way to “outlast” them, and simply bagging up your bedding and clothing for a while isn’t a realistic option. And because they’re so small and skittish, it’s very hard to even tell whether you’ve eliminated all of them.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation, the only real course of action is to call in the professionals. If you don’t eliminate the entire problem (including their eggs) in one swoop, these pests are definitely going to come back quickly.

At Preferred Pest Control, we have a few tried-and- true methods for dealing with bed bugs – like chemical solutions, and fumigation. Our pest control specialists will put together a customized treatment plan based on your needs and the severity of your infestation, and will schedule follow-up visits to ensure that the extermination was a success.

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