How to Get Rid of Silverfish in Orange County

How to Get Rid of Silverfish in Orange County

Mostly found in the basement, garage, sink areas and laundry room, Silverfish in Orange County is an annoying pest that feeds mostly on paper and wallpaper. An invasion of silverfish in your OC home can cause some havoc and you need to take fast action to eliminate them as soon as you can.

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Besides the damages they cause in your home, running into them in the group can be a bad experience. They aren’t the most gorgeous of insects and they can be frightening. They have a silver color, which is where the name “Silverfish” originated from, with a length of about ½ inch and a long slim body. Good thing is, they don’t bite and are non-poisonous!

They are fond of areas with a great supply of water, starchy food and are drawn to fungi and mold. Orange County is full of these areas!

Silverfish Habits to Understand

When you understand a silverfish, it can assist having a better control of them. Below are some habits you need to know about silverfish in Orange County, that can be of help in eliminating them:

– The move fast, but stay close to the food source.

– They lay their eggs all through the year.

– They are nocturnal.

– They shed off their skins.

Looking out for these signs can help you better in finding out where to hide and get rid of them.

Some Methods You Can Use To Get Rid of Silverfish in your home:

To eliminate silverfish, the first line of action is to destroy their habitation. This means cleaning your home and take off moisture and humidity as best as you can. You can make use of a dehumidifier to get this done properly. Ensure all leaking pipes are also fixed. Not forgetting closing up crevices and vacuum cracks near the ceiling and floors where they may be hiding.

Eliminating all forms of moisture away from the home may be very hard, so you can also make use of chemical methods to get rid of them. For chemical treatment in Orange County make use of pesticides that are majorly made for them. You should also put bait or dust in spots where they are likely to live.

Eradicating silverfish in OC is simply about knowing their habitat and understanding what they are looking for in your home. When you begin to make your home less inviting to Silverfish, then they will stay away and find another place to live.

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Silverfish Management:

  • Inspection
  • Prevention
  • Controlling Earwig and Silverfish
  • Insecticides

An inspection by our licensed Preferred Pest Control professional is required before any treatments can be performed.


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