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Common Spiders of Orange County

  • Common Spiders of Orange County

    Common Spiders of Orange County

    If you live in Orange County, Southern California like we do, you probably know all too well about the type of spiders that can overrun our cities. Keep reading if you need help dealing with any spider infestation or want to learn more about the common types of spiders found in Orange County.

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    Some Facts About Spiders

    Spiders are eight-legged arachnids with three of four pairs of eyes and there are over 45,000 different species known worldwide. As you might guess, the habits and behaviors of these different types of spiders varies: some like moisture while others prefer dry and warm areas. Almost all spiders hide in dark areas and common hiding places include basements, attics, garages, air vents, and upper corners of rooms.

    Typically, spiders feed on insects and other spiders or prey that they are able to overpower. Almost all spiders are predators and they catch prey with their silk spun webs (which they also use to make egg sacs and line their habitat). All spiders have fangs and almost all of them have venom that they inject into their prey to paralyze them. Most spider venom is harmless to people but some can cause irritation and discomfort so if you are bitten, please seek medical attention.

    Like many other pests, spiders enter homes through open doors and windows, cracks and holes in door and window frames, and sometimes by hitchhiking along with boxes and items brought indoors from the outside.


    Types of Spiders in SoCal

    There exists quite a few different species of spiders here in Orange County. Below are just a few different types.

    Orb Weaver

    Orb Weavers are docile spiders are found only outdoors and are known for their large webs built around eye level. They spin a new web every evening, catch night-flying insects, and eat their entire web before morning.

    Funnel Web Weaver

    Also found outdoors, the Funnel Web Weaver is known for its thick matted webs on found on shrubs and trees in the summer.

    Crab Spider

    These spiders are a little unique in that they do not make any webs but instead hang out around flowers and prey on any insects that visits them. These spiders are also known for their good eyesight. Believe it or not, even with 3-4 pairs of eyes, most spiders do not have great vision.

    Green Lynx

    Another type of web-less spider is the Green Lynx. They are also known as jumping spiders and are another spider that has very good eyesight.

    Black Widow

    Known for their shiny black color and ‘red hourglass’ shape on the abdomen, the Black Widow is the only slightly dangerous spider you need to look out for in Southern California. These spiders are docile, unless disturbed, but have enough venom in them to be harmful so if bitten, seek medical attention.

    Brown Widow

    Often confused with a Black Widow, the Brown Widow spider is tan in color and only has a fraction of venom of that of the Black Widow. These spiders are increasing rapidly in numbers here in SoCal and are taking over Black Widow territory.

    Cellar Spider

    These are the spiders that resemble the ‘Daddy Long-Leg’ spiders. A common myth is that these are very poisonous spiders but the truth is that they are harmless and docile. They are some of the most commonly spiders found indoors.

    House Spider

    Another spider typically found indoors is the House Spider. These guys are docile, come out at night, and spin a number of different cobwebs around the house in ceiling corners, windows, and beneath fixtures.


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    Spider Management:

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    An inspection by our licensed Preferred Pest Control professional is required before any treatments can be performed.

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