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SoCal Mite Extermination

  • SoCal Mite Extermination

    SoCal Mite Extermination

    Would you believe us if we told you that the fastest animal on Earth is the mite? It’s true. They can move about 192 body lengths per second which would be 2,000 kilometers per hour if they were our size! Since these suckers are so fast, you’ll need the help of Preferred Pest Control to get rid of mites in Orange County.

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    Mite Facts

    Mites are part of the arachnid family, which means they have an abdomen with four pairs of legs. Believe it or not, there are thousands of different species of mites in the world but the most common mite in Southern California is called Paratarsotomus macropalpis and it measures around 0.7mm. This species that is native to SoCal is recorded as the world’s fastest land animal relative to body length.

    Typically, mites can be found on sidewalks or around rocky locations. They are able to survive both on land and in water and while most are not harmful, there exists mites that can cause harm to crops and poultry or transfer diseases and cause skin irritation.

    Mites hatch from eggs and develop though larval and pupal stages. Some mites are predatory (feeding on other mites or animals) while others prefer feasting on plant material. Common mite species that you might want to do further research on include Bird Mites, Chigger Mites, Clover Mites, Red Mites, and the Southern Red Mite.

    Contact pest professionals such as Preferred Pest Control to correctly identify the type of mite on your property so that the correct treatments can be applied.


    Mite Infestation

    Since there are many types of mites, a mite infestation could have many different signs to look out for.  Since mites are so small, many times it is difficult to see them without a magnifying glass but you can probably spot them if they are on the move.

    Some mites can make a silk like webbing like spiders and usually do this around plants where they feed so discoloration of leaves is another sign of a possible mite infestation.

    Also, certain mites can cause skin irritation. Since skin irritation is a sign of many possible issues, it is best left for a physician to determine if it is mite related or not.

    If you suspect that your property is being overrun with mites, call Preferred Pest Control and we will send our mite exterminator experts to your home or business and identify which type of mite is bothering you and put a customized mite removal plan into action that will once again make your Orange County property mite free!


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    Mite Management:

    • Inspection
    • Prevention
    • Controlling Mites
    • Insecticides

    An inspection by our licensed Preferred Pest Control professional is required before any treatments can be performed.

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