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    It’s summertime and the humidity is rising. Fleas and Ticks are some insects that thrive in humidity. If you have pets, don’t let these insects take over your house this summer! Call Preferred Pest Control and let us exterminate these blood sucking parasites for you.

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    Flea Facts

    As you might know already, fleas are parasitic insects that feed on blood of their host. They measure about 2.5mm in length, are dark red/brown in color, and even though they don’t look it, are covered in microscopic hairs. Fleas are wingless insects but are able to jump long distances.

    Fleas feed on blood and prefer to make animals with lots of fur their hosts such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and rats among others. Besides animals, fleas can also feed on people.

    Generally, fleas are brought into the home by pets. When fleas reproduce, the female lays eggs on the host and the eggs proceed to fall to the ground as the host moves throughout the house. Eggs hatch with 12 days, and the flea larvae hide in secluded locations such as under furniture and cracks in the floor or carpet for about 18 days until emerging from a cocoon as adults for feeding. Within 48 hours of feeding, females lay eggs and the cycle repeats.

    Flea Infestation

    Signs of a flea infestation can be skin irritation and itchy bite marks, pets that constantly scratch themselves, and the flea feces which look like ground pepper that would be scattered throughout areas that your pet sleeps.

    Controlling a flea infestation can be quite hard without professional help as non-adult phases of the flea are secretive. Some things you can do to help combat flea populations is to groom and bathe your pets regularly and vacuum your house often to eliminate eggs. Otherwise, we recommend calling Preferred Pest Control professionals so we can provide you with the most thorough flea inspection possible and introduce various methods of control that are both safe and effective at removing all traces of fleas from your home or business.


    Tick Facts

    Besides the flea, another blood parasite is the tick. Measuring up to 1cm as adults, ticks have 8 legs and are usually found in areas with lots of vegetation and most commonly feed on birds, reptiles, livestock, dogs, cats, and people.

    Ticks are more dangerous than fleas and can transmit serious diseases to animals and humans. Medical attention may be required if you or your pet is bitten by a tick.

    When introduced into homes, the tick hides within any cracks and crevices it can find when not attached to a host. Most ticks do not survive well when indoors and it’s host becomes unavailable.

    If a tick infestation is present in your home, call Preferred Pest Control and let our tick specialists inspect your home and come up with a customized plan to eliminate them for good.

    Tick Removal

    If you find a tick on a person or animal, you should remove it as soon as possible.

    You need to be careful and delicate when removing a tick as if you crush its body, you can expose harmful bacteria to the host. Use tools such as tweezers and carefully grab the head of the tick to remove its mouth first so you don’t end up crushing its body. Always wash your hands before and after and seek medical attention with any concerns you may have.

    Remember to inspect your pets regularly to ensure no ticks are attached to them and visit a veterinarian for treatment if they are discovered.


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    Flea and Tick Management:

    • Inspection
    • Prevention
    • Controlling Fleas and Ticks
    • Insecticides

    An inspection by our licensed Preferred Pest Control professional is required before any treatments can be performed.

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