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Summertime Fleas

  • Summertime Fleas

    Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means…FLEAS! Don’t let these pesky critters ruin your summertime fun – learn how to control them from Preferred Pest Control!

    Identifying Fleas

    If you’ve had the pleasure of never seeing a flea, lucky you! People less fortunate than you know that they are wingless insects, about 2 ½ mm long, have a shiny brown color, and are capable of jumping huge distances. Fleas are parasites that suck blood from their hosts and are most usually found on hairy animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, and other animals. Fleas can lay about 20-50 eggs per day so to get them under control, speed is of the essence. The eggs usually hatch in carpets and rugs but can also hatch on the host as well.

    If you are unsure if you have fleas, the good news is that you probably don’t. Fleas are easy to identify as you will notice them jumping around and trying to land on you. Keeping a close watch on your pets is a good indication on whether or not you have fleas as they will show discomfort, repeatedly scratch themselves, and likely be full of ‘flea dirt’ (adult flea feces) which looks like black pepper. Locating flea eggs however, can be quite a challenge as they fall off your pets and are disbursed throughout your home.

    Treating Fleas

    Flea management can be very difficult as over-the-counter products and home remedy solutions do not prove to disrupt the root causes of infestation. This is why calling a professional service such as Preferred Pest Control can be very beneficial.

    We will conduct a thorough inspection of your home to locate flea larvae and create a flea management plan for you. Controlling fleas permanently usually requires both chemical and physical methods – on your pets and inside your home.

    We will identify the fleas, further educate you on their nature and life cycle, introduce flea controlling products for your pets, use a high-powered vacuum to remove eggs and larvae, and treat infected areas in your home with flea controlling products as well.

    Scheduling follow up visits is possible and is very much recommended when dealing with fleas.

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    Flea Management:

    • Inspection
    • Prevention
    • Controlling Fleas
    • Insecticides

    An inspection by our licensed Preferred Pest Control professional is required before any treatments can be performed.

    Call today For a Flea Removal Quote:

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    Did you know that Preferred Pest Control offers monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly Flea Services tailored to your needs? It’s true! We also give two hour windows on our pest control services so you don’t have to spend your day waiting around for the entire day.

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    We offer many exterminator, Flea Removal, and pest control services to the Orange County area and our Flea specialists are fully trained to rid you of any future rodent problem you may be having.

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