4th of July attracts mice and especially rats this time of year! - Orange County Pest Control

4th of July attracts mice and especially rats this time of year!

  • 4th of July attracts mice and especially rats this time of year!

    Yep, as fun as the 4th of July can be, it also attracts a ton mice and especially rats this time of year! Don’t let rodents ruin your 4th of July celebration though! Give us a call today (714) 486-2637 to make an appointment asap.


    Eliminating all potential rodent entry points.During our inspection we will create an “Exclusion Plan” that will detail recommended repairs and a trapping schedule.

    Rodent tips (to keep them away):
    Keeping all areas that accumulate trash extremely clean and free of food sources is a must. Store foods in containers that are rodent proof (unable to open).

    Seal off any holes in or outside of your home, business, to prevent rodents from getting in. A cement base with some steel wool inside the mixture works great because rodents who have sharp teeth wont be able to gnaw through cement. Set traps for rodents that are outside the structure, this helps to reduce rodents from getting inside.


    Let us help you with:
    Trapping, Removal, Exclusion Repair, Cleanup, Sanitizing and Deodorizing. Thorough inspection identifying the rodent species, where they’re nesting, and what’s attracting them to the location.• Placing traps in rodent traffic locations to rid them before any damage is done to the structure.

    We hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July and stay safe! Oh, and dont forget to properly dispose of your food after the big 4th of July party so you don’t attract pest and rodents.

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    Don’t let rodent problems in Fountain Valley mess up your day!

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