How Did I Get Fleas And What Can I Do So I Don’t Get Them Again?

“But I don’t even have pets!  How did I get fleas in my home?”  We get this question a lot, especially in the summer time.  Another question we hear is, “My pet is only an indoor pet, it never goes out or only goes in my back yard. How did my pet pick up fleas?”

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The most common way you get fleas is from stray cats and opossums.  As they run through your yard, they drop off fleas and flea eggs. Then while spending time in your yard the fleas jump on you or your pet, and are unwittingly brought into your home.


Even though this is the most common explanation, there are many other ways you may have unwittingly brought fleas into your home.

You picked them up when you went on a walk.
You picked them up at a friend’s house
You dog-sat or cat-sat for a friend or family member
Your friend or family member brought their pet along when they visited you
Your pet picked them up at the dog park, beach, dog groomers, or even vet’s office

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Even if you or your pet comes in contact with fleas, you can minimize the possibility that the fleas will become a bigger problem.

Dog Scratching

Vacuum frequently, especially around pet beds and areas your pet frequents a lot
Keep your pet on a medicated flea program (at least in the summer time when fleas are most active)
Check your pet frequently for fleas
Bathe your pet regularly using a shampoo that is also labeled to kill fleas
Watch your pet for excessive scratching
Wash your pet’s bedding frequently
Make sure any pets that come into your home are on a medicated flea program
After going on a walk or hike, check your legs for fleas
Avoid walking in tall grass where you or your pet may more easily pick up fleas
Keep your lawn groomed
After visiting a friend with pets, check your legs for fleas before getting in your car

Bathing Dog

Unfortunately, you cannot control your environment so unless you lock yourself behind closed doors, you will always run the risk of accidentally picking up fleas and bringing them into your home.  Regardless of how you got fleas we offer a treatment to get rid of them! Just give us a call at (714) 916-0173.

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