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Fly Prevention: Don’t Let Flies Ruin Your Summer

  • Fly Prevention: Don’t Let Flies Ruin Your Summer

    It’s Summer!  You finally get to spend time outside having barbeques and picnics, or maybe just sprawled out under a tree reading a good book. What could possibly spoil the wonderful days of summer?  Flies!

    Green Bottle Fly

    Who hasn’t had an annoying fly buzzing around or worse yet, landing on the delicious hamburger you just pulled off the grill?  But what can you do?  Follow these simple tips to help keep flies away from you and your food.

    Pick up all pet droppings immediately.  Put it in a plastic bag, seal it, and immediately throw it away in a garbage can.  Never throw the pet droppings directly into the garbage can without it being bagged and sealed.

     Make sure your garbage can lids fit securely and always use them.  An uncovered trash can is an open invitation to flies.

    Green Bottle Fly Cocoons

    Clean both the inside and outside of your garbage cans regularly.  A mixture of bleach and water should work well. It is also a good idea to wash down the area where you keep the garbage cans.

    Wait until the day before trash pick-up day to clean out your refrigerator.  You don’t want to throw away old food and have it attract flies for 3 or 4 days while you are waiting for your trash to be picked up.

    Do not throw anything (especially food or drink containers) directly into the trash cans. Always use garbage bags that are sealed

    Rinse out all food and drink containers before throwing them away or recycling them


    Remove any rotting fruits from trees and pick up any fallen fruit on the ground

    After your family or your kids eat outside, wash down the table and ground to clean up any spilled food or drinks

    Keep compost heaps as far away from your home as possible

    No fly zone

    Remember, flies will stay around as long as there is a food source.  If flies keep coming back to a certain area, inspect that area for dropped food or spilled drinks.  If there is a smell, you may have a dead animal attracting the flies.  Once you find the source and get rid of it, the fly problem should go away.

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