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Fleas: Why Putting Your Pet On A Medicated Flea Regiment Is Sometimes Not Enough

  • Fleas: Why Putting Your Pet On A Medicated Flea Regiment Is Sometimes Not Enough

    Fleas!  The mere mention of these parasites in the summer time can cause panic in dog and cat owners.  Once your pet gets fleas, it can not only make your dog or cat’s life miserable, but it can cause havoc in your life as well.  Many times, the first indication that there is a problem is your dog or cat suddenly starts scratching a lot.  So all you have to do is take your pet in for a flea dip or start him on a medicated flea regiment right?  Wrong!

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    Unlike many other insects, fleas do not have adhesive on their eggs.  This means, that although they may lay their eggs while they are on your pet, the eggs will roll off your pet onto the floor, pet bed, couch, or even on your bed if that is where he happens to be.  So even though you manage to kill the fleas that are on your pet, there could be hundreds more waiting to make themselves known!

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    Once your pet stops scratching, you operate under the mistaken belief that the flea problem has been resolved. But fleas have a four stage life cycle composed of the egg, larval, pupal, and adult stages.  Once the eggs are laid, it takes between 2 to 5 days for the eggs to hatch into larvae.  After about 8 to 15 days, the larvae spin silken cocoons and enter the pupal stage.  Depending on the temperature and humidity, the pupae will emerge as adults within 4 to 14 days making it seem like you have a brand new infestation!

    flea-life-cycle (public domain maine.gov)

    It is important to remember that fleas on your pet are a sign that you have a much bigger problem.  Studies have shown that adult fleas account for only 5% of a flea population.  Newly hatched larvae account for approximately 35% of the population, and the highly protected pupae wrapped in their cocoons accounts for 10%.  A whopping 50% of the population is made up of flea eggs!  If you continue with the math, this means that there are 10 eggs, 7 larvae, and 2 cocoons for every 1 adult flea!


    Remember, a flea egg could have fallen off your pet anywhere your pet frequented!  This is why it is important to not only treat your pet, but also treat your entire home for fleas.  There are many over-the-counter products you can buy to help you get rid of the problem.  Just remember, if you choose to use flea bombs (foggers) the product will not penetrate into cracks and crevices so you may not have the total ‘kill’ you were expecting.  Also bear in mind that the cocoon is highly protective and chemical cannot penetrate it (regardless of what the product claims)!  That is why it is important to use a product that has a residual and to keep your pet on a medicated flea regiment.  If you decide you want a professional flea treatment, please give us a call at (714)486-0173 and we will help make you and your pet happy again.

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