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Simple Steps To Make Your Home Less Inviting To Rodents

  • Simple Steps To Make Your Home Less Inviting To Rodents

    When given the choice between two hotels you know nothing about, chances are you will choose the hotel that looks most inviting from the outside. Rats and mice are the same way. If they see a home that has plenty of areas to nest and food readily available, they will take it as an invitation to make themselves at home on your property. But if you keep in mind these simple rules, your home will look less attractive to rodents.

    If you keep wood outside, don’t stack it on the ground. Try to stack it at least 18 inches above the ground and 12 inches away from any wall or fence.
    Don’t let tree branches touch or hang over your roof. If possible, keep tree branches at least 4 to 6 feet away from the roof.
    Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed off the ground and away from the home.
    Keep your lawn trimmed.
    Keep your compost in rodent proof bins and elevate it off the ground.
    Remove any trash or debris from your yard.
    Get rid of old machines that are not used anymore to avoid rodents from setting up home inside them.
    Old cars that are no longer driven are a rat’s dream come true! Donate or sell the car to prevent providing a perfect nesting place for rodents.
    If you have fruit trees, make sure to pick up any fallen fruit and pick ripe fruit right away.
    Although they may look nice, some plants are more attractive to rodents than others. When planning your landscaping try to avoid the following: Algerian Ivy, blackberry, bamboo, Bouganinvillea, Pampass grass, Oleander, Italian cypress, and Date Palm Trees (one of the most popular trees in Orange and LA County)

    Keep the door accessing the motor to your hot tub securely closed and make sure there are no gaps around the door rats or mice can squeeze through.
    Cover your hot tub and swimming pool when not in use. This is not only good for your family’s general safety, but you will deny rodents a water source.
    Clean your bbq and make sure the lid is closed when not in use
    Make sure all doors on your bbq island are securely closed and cannot be easily opened by curious rodents
    Make sure the lids on your trashcans and recycle bins have tight fitting lids and are closed at all times
    When throwing away your trash, put it in plastic bags first rather than throwing trash directly into the garbage cans
    Clean you trashcans regularly and make sure any crumbs or food residue on the inside and outside is washed off
    Don’t hang bird or squirrel feeders. Rats don’t care that the food you put out is not for them.
    Don’t leave pet food or water out over-night
    Make sure there there are no leaks on your hose or spigot

    (Picture Courtesy of Trapper Nick)

    Even if you follow these tips, rodents may still decide they want to ‘check-in’ to your home. If this happens, give us a call or e-mail us so we can make your home a ‘no occupancy’ zone for rats and mice.

    Give us a call and watch your expectations be exceeded.

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