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Don’t Make Your Home A Free Buffet For Rodents

  • Don’t Make Your Home A Free Buffet For Rodents

    If you are like most people, the thought of a rat or mouse in your house is enough to make you pull out your phone and call a pest control company. But you may not have to do this if you make your home uninviting to rodents. Many people know that it is important to deny rodents access to food but they forget that water is also important. Although rats need to drink about one to two ounces of water a day, mice can survive solely from the water contained in the food they eat. Even though this is true of mice, they will readily drink water if it is available to them. Keep in mind that totally eliminating water sources is almost impossible since rats can get their necessary intake from licking the condensation on pipes or by licking the morning dew off blades of grass. However minimizing their access to water may make your home less desirable to them.

    Mice mainly dine on seeds and grain but if food is present that is high in fat, protein, or sugar, they may prefer this as their dinner menu instead. Roof rats prefer to eat fruits, nuts, and pet food (if made available). But rats and mice are also opportunists and will eat almost anything. Remember, something that looks terrible to you, may look like a gourmet meal to a rodent! Even though rodents are very adept at getting into things you would swear was locked down like Fort Knox, there are many simple things you can do to keep from giving a rodent a free meal.

    Make sure the lids on your trash cans (both outside and in your home) are covered and the lids are secure.
    Don’t fill feeding stations for birds or squirrels. You may be feeding birds and squirrels during the day, and rats and mice at night!
    Don’t leave pet food or water out overnight especially outside (one of the biggest mistakes made).
    Store pet food in a tightly sealed container (preferably with a metal lid since rats and mice can chew through plastic).
    Clean your bbq grill after using it and keep the lid closed when your bbq is not in use.
    Pick up fruit that has fallen from fruit trees and pick the ripe fruit off the tree as often as possible.
    If food is stored in the garage, keep it in sealed glass or metal containers with tight lids. Heavy plastic containers may work, but there is always the possibility that a persistent rodent will chew through it.
    If you suspect rodents are getting in your home, store your food (especially food packaged in cardboard boxes or plastic bags) in these containers as well.
    Sweep up food inside or outside your home immediately.
    Don’t leave food out overnight.
    If you get snails on your property, put out snail bait. Rodents seem to be especially fond of snails!
    Fix any leaks and dripping faucets, and get rid of any standing water on your property to eliminate water sources for rats.

    Rodents are very persistent and clever when it comes to obtaining food. If you find that you are suddenly feeding more mouths than you intended, give us a call or e-mail us so we can help make eating in your house once again just a family affair.

    Give us a call and watch your expectations be exceeded.

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